Milford Exempted Village Schools | Milford High School Bleacher Replacement

Project Name: Milford Schools Bleacher Replacement Owner: Milford Exempted Village Schools Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers Completion Date: Summer 2020 Milford Schools were looking to renovate their bleachers in the high school gymnasium. Farnham Equipment Company had previously worked with the district on several scopes of work for their elementary buildings.  This project included two banks of telescopic…

Wynford Local Schools | Wynford Middle and High School Additions

Project Name: Wynford Middle and High School Additions Owner: Wynford Local Schools Architect: Buehrer Group CMR: Adena Corporation Scope: Provide and Install Educational Casework, Science Lab Casework and Telescopic Bleachers Completion Date: October 2020 Wynford Schools completed new renovations to their existing Middle and High School complex. Behind a partnership between Adena Corporation and the Buehrer Architectural Group, the…

Carlisle Local Schools | K-12 Building

Project Name: Carlisle K-12 School Owner: Carlisle Local Schools Architect: SHP Leading Design CMR: Skanska USA Building, Inc. General Trades Contractor: Mark Spaulding Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers, Educational and Lab Casework and Auditorium Seating Completion Date: Fall 2020 Carlisle Local Schools passed a significant bond issue to invest in the construction of a new Carlisle K-12 building…

Patrick Henry Local Schools | Patrick Henry High School Renovations

Project Name: Patrick Henry High School Renovations Owner: Patrick Henry Local Schools CMR: Mel Lanzer Co and Prodigy Buliding Solutions, LLC Scope: Install and Deliver Casework and Telescopic Bleachers Completion Date: Fall 2020 Superintendent Josh Biederstedt had many difficult decisions when considering renovations for Patrick Henry High School. With little funding to make all the changes he wished to,…

Mentor Ice Arena

Project Name: Mentor Ice Arena Owner: Mentor Civic Arena Scope: Install Fixed and Telescopic Bleachers Completion Date: Late Fall 2020 Bill Furman wanted a bleacher renovation at the Mentor Ice Arena for years, but couldn’t move forward due to limited funds. In 2016, Bill contacted Farnham Equipment Company asking for assistance with creating new seating for ice arena. Since…

Cleveland Metropolitan School District | John F. Kennedy High School

Project Name: John F. Kennedy High School Owner: Cleveland Metropolitan School District Architect: Moody Nolan CMR: A.M. Higley and John G. Johnson Construction Company Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers, Athletic Equipment, Laboratory and Educational Casework Completion Date: July 2020 John F. Kennedy High School is the newest addition to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Throughout the building, you…

Fairborn City Schools | Fairborn PK-2 Elementary

  Project Name: Fairborn PK-2 Elementary Owner: Fairborn City Schools Architect: SHP Leading Design Construction Manager: Monarch Construction Scope: Provide and Install Educational Casework, Custom Millwork, Athletic Equipment and Telescopic Bleachers Completion Date: Summer 2020 Fairborn City Schools built a new 130,444 square foot elementary school. Housing over 1200 students, this elementary school was constructed where the previous elementary building stood. Farnham Equipment Company provided…

East Richland Evangelical Friends Church | Ickes Family Life Center

  Project Name: Ickes Family Life Center Owner: East Richland Evangelical Friends Church Architect: Robert Buonaspina Contractor Cattrell Companies, Inc. Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers and Athletic Equipment Completion: October 2019 Ickes Family Life Center, complete in 2019, is home to church events, community outreach, and classrooms including Christian education, Bible studies, and after school programs. The facility…

Ayersville Local Schools | New K-12 School


Project Name: Ayersville K-12 School
Owner: Ayersville Local Schools
Architect: Garmann Miller Architects & Engineers
Construction Manager: Shook Touchstone XIII, LLC
Scope: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework, Lab Casework, Telescopic Bleachers, and Athletic Equipment
Completion: August 2018

“Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying,” is sprawled across the halls at the new Ayersville K-12 School, occupied by students fall of 2018. Farnham Equipment Company has been a sub-consultant on numerous Garmann Miller projects all with the same approach, on their Jan 11, 2019 blog post, Doug Rentz of Garmann Miller shared:

 “For education clients, its designers collaborate with school districts to deliver fresh, flexible spaces. From modern seating options to multi-use rooms with state-of-the-art lighting and audio/video functions, GMAE’s designers are redefining how today’s students learn.”

As part of our scope, Farnham Equipment Company provided and installed an inclusive package featuring Stevens Industries Education and Music Casework, ICI Scientific’s Lab Casework, Brodart Contract Furniture Library Shelving, Hussey Seating Company’s Telescopic Bleachers, Performance Sports Systems Athletic Equipment, and Diversified Woodcrafts Vocational Shop Equipment.


Ayersville Local Schools | New K-12 School