Cleveland Metropolitan School District | John F. Kennedy High School

Project Name: John F. Kennedy High School
Owner: Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Architect: Moody Nolan
CMR: A.M. Higley and John G. Johnson Construction Company
Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers, Athletic Equipment, Laboratory and Educational Casework
Completion Date: July 2020

John F. Kennedy High School is the newest addition to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Throughout the building, you will see Educational Casework by Stevens Industries with accents of Chestnut Woodline in the classrooms. The music department provided opportunities for Music Casework through Stevens for storage space. Plastic Laminate Laboratory Casework was installed in multiple science labs along with a fume hood through Air Master Systems. Within the classrooms, the Grey Epoxy tops were a unique part of this project, giving a modern look to the new school.

The gymnasium houses two banks of telescopic bleachers, seating over 1200 students. Each bleacher is wall-attached with a combination of blue and red colors to represent JFK High School. The bleachers have Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails and Flex-Row Modules to accommodate ADA seating requirements. A safety end-rail curtain with the school colors was also installed.

Along with bleachers, Farnham provided Athletic Equipment through Performance Sports Systems. This included wall pads and Basketball Backstops in the gym. In addition, a divider curtain and wrestling mat hoist were installed in the gymnasium.

This project was a great example of all of the services Farnham Equipment can provide in competitive bid packages. Between Casework, Bleachers, Science Labs and Athletic Equipment, Farnham’s quality of work allows us to be competitive when we bid for multiple scopes of a project within the K-12 market.

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