COVID-19 Funding and How It Impacts K-12 Schools

The year 2020 brought unprecedented changes as the world encountered the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting countless lives, jobs and the state of the economy. As the world transitions back into a “new normal”, it is important to be educated about what sort of assistance is available to those in the K-12 sector. Naturally, the pandemic took a major toll on…

Revere High School

Project Name: Revere High School Owner: Revere Local Schools Architect: BSHM Architects CMR: ICON,LLC,  Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers, Auditorium Seating and Athletic Equipment Completion Date: August 2020 After completing the new Bath Elementary school a couple years prior, Revere Local Schools was looking to build a new High School. They partnered with BSHM Architects and ICON, LLC…

Bleacher Maintenance: The Importance of Row Locks

Preventative Bleacher Maintenance: The Importance of Row Locks This portion of our Gym Safety Session videos is concerned about Row Locks, which are critical in the operation of your telescopic bleacher. This short video explains where they are located and what your operations team needs to know about them. With COVID-19 hampering school funding and causing attendance to be…

Bleacher Maintenance: Flex-Row Seating

Our third video in our Bleacher Maintenance Series. Flex-Row Seating is a key addition to any existing bleacher. Through Hussey Seating Company, flex-row seating offers flexibility to accomadate ADA Seating by retractable portions of your bleacher. In the video below, Farnham Equipment Company’s Director of Service Rocky Baker discusses the benefits of this application for your gymnasium. This is…

Bleacher Maintenance: Front Step Safety Precautions

  Our Bleacher Maintenance Video Series Continues. In response to COVID-19, Farnham Equipment Company created educational videos for ongoing bleacher maintenance. Our virtual Gym Safety Sessions videos are designed for educational staff that oversee facilities and maintenance in school gymnasiums. We hope these short videos are helpful and informative. With over 60 years of experience in the K-12 landscape,…

Bleacher Maintenance: (Virtual) Gym Safety Sessions

Providing Bleacher Maintenance To Your Facilities COVID-19 created large-sweeping changes for our world. On a smaller scale, K-12 schools were faced with budgetary cuts and remote learning. With so many schools remote, bleacher maintenancewas the least of people’s worries. Farnham Equipment Company has been in business since 1956. We are committed to giving outstanding maintenance and service towards your bleachers, athletic…

Basketball Season: Indoor Checklist

Hussey Telescopic Bleachers

It won’t be long until we’re moving indoors for Basketball Season, is your gym ready? Below are some of our featured telescopic bleacher and athletic equipment posts with maintenance and safety tips at the forefront. PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: THE HOW-TO & WHY Given the right care, your telescopic bleachers will last generations, but it takes effort, care and knowledge on…

Mid-Season Check-In: Outdoor Bleachers

Outdoor Bleachers Seats


With football season well underway, it’s time to check in for mid-season maintenance. Below are some of our featured outdoor seating posts with maintenance and safety tips at the forefront.

BUILDING SAFETY MONTH: EARTH WIND & FIRE & OUTDOOR BLEACHERS We talked previously about cleaning the bearing surface for your telescopic bleachers, but how often are you cleaning up under your outdoor bleachers?

TOP 5 PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE TIPS: OUTDOOR BLEACHERS Don't wait until you can see your face through your structural supports - add our Top 5 Preventative Maintenance Tips to your seasonal checklist!

WINTER SOLSTICE & WHAT IT HAS TO DO WITH OUTDOOR BLEACHERS The first official day of winter (December 21st!) brings with it new concerns for your outdoor bleachers come spring. With freezing temperatures comes expansion and contraction of your aluminum causing hardware to loosen…

OUTDOOR BLEACHER RENOVATIONS: WHERE TO START Where to start? With an inspection of course. If you haven’t had one within the last 12 months, get one scheduled and let them know this inspection has dual purpose: code compliance and renovation/upgrades options. Tell them what your initial renovation needs are and what you would like to do so they can be sure to give you everything you need. Be transparent about a turnaround time too – if you know you need to make renovations within the next three months, you don’t want to wait a month for your report….

Farnham Equipment Company & Hussey Regional Service Centers

We mentioned in our last post that Hussey Seating Company “…is not a manufacturing center. They are an innovation center.” They are dedicated to providing the best solution, and that solution includes maintenance services. We know, and Hussey knows, that when properly installed and maintained, your existing seating could have decades of safe and useful life ahead. You’ve invested in your equipment, and Hussey Seating Company has invested in its Regional Service Centers by training local Service Technicians through their rigorous factory training and certification program for installation and repair of Hussey seating systems.

With the development of partners like Farnham Equipment acting as the Regional Service Center in Ohio, we are able to provide not only service but code compliance solutions, preventative maintenance and inspections in the educational market for all seating products all across North America in a professional and timely manner.

Farnham Equipment Company has been a partner with Hussey Seating Company for nearly 50 years and has some of the best trained and available service technicians in the industry. With their knowledge of current codes, requirements and upgrade solutions they are able to support their customers with all aspects of seating needs in regards to code compliance, safety inspections, parts, repair and service.

We know many parts and pieces used may look alike or do the job, however if you have a facility you manage in Ohio and want the best solution,  right parts and a successful repair or inspection, we strongly recommend calling Farnham Equipment Company to service all your needs."

- Mark Beaulieu, Hussey Seating Company, Dealer Service Manager

Currently there are 32 Hussey Regional Service Centers specializing in the comprehensive inspection of telescopic platforms, bleachers, fixed seating and gymnasium equipment throughout the North American market.

Here at Farnham Equipment Company, we’ve taken Services to the next level, viewing regular and detailed bleacher seating inspections and maintenance as much more than code compliance, but the cornerstone of customer care. Our Service Technicians have vast industry knowledge not only regarding Hussey products, but all telescopic bleacher models, outdoor bleachers and grandstands, athletic equipment, and playground equipment to provide you with a complete service solution for your equipment.

Our team's combined industry knowledge gives you possibilities: Even if your seating wasn't installed by us, we can maintain it. Parts, repair, and inspections are available for all seating manufacturers.