Patrick Henry Local Schools | Patrick Henry High School Renovations

Project Name: Patrick Henry High School Renovations
Owner: Patrick Henry Local Schools
CMR: Mel Lanzer Co and Prodigy Buliding Solutions, LLC
Scope: Install and Deliver Casework and Telescopic Bleachers
Completion Date: Fall 2020

Superintendent Josh Biederstedt had many difficult decisions when considering renovations for Patrick Henry High School. With little funding to make all the changes he wished to, he and his board had to prioritize their decisions with the community in mind.

Two areas for renovations included the classrooms and the gymnasium. The classrooms lacked storage space and hadn’t been updated in years with flooring and paint.  The gymnasium had the original bleachers and basketball backstops, and both were well past their prime. Drawing these conclusions, Superintendent Biederstedt along with the Construction Management team, reached out to Farnham Equipment Company to provide solutions for the high school renovations.

The renovations included Educational Casework from Stevens Industries for the classrooms. Superintendent Biederstedt highlighted the casework design within the art classrooms. The newly installed Hussey Seating bleachers included the new auto-rotating aisle rails and colored seats to match school colors. In addition, a large portion of the home side stands have courtside backrests for reserved seating. The different colored CourtSide seat modules (Signature Logo) spells out “PH” to match the center court logo. Performance Sports Systems provided all new retractable Single Post Basketball Backstops, replacing the outdated dual post backstops.

All this renovation work was accomplished under a tight time frame. Farnham Equipment Company takes pride in our ability to quickly respond to the owner and construction management team to meet their demands and schedule. This project allowed Farnham Equipment Company to work alongside a district to find ways to renovate existing facilities within a limited budget. Our years of expertise allows us to be able to give suggestions for schools looking to renovate without large amounts of funding.

The full gallery of the renovations at Patrick Henry High School can be viewed here.