Mentor Ice Arena

Project Name: Mentor Ice Arena
Owner: Mentor Civic Arena
Scope: Install Fixed and Telescopic Bleachers
Completion Date: Late Fall 2020

Bill Furman wanted a bleacher renovation at the Mentor Ice Arena for years, but couldn’t move forward due to limited funds. In 2016, Bill contacted Farnham Equipment Company asking for assistance with creating new seating for ice arena. Since 2016, there were many back and forth interactions to ensure this project was fulfilled when funding was secured.

There were many unique specifications with the new arena seating layout. First, the seating in the balcony and the main floor were required to match. The fixed bleachers needed to include a vomitory leading to the locker rooms. They also required a tunnel under the bleachers to get from one end of the other. The new bleachers needed to be Code-Compliant, so installation of new railings were necessary. Lastly, installing telescopic bleachers from Hussey Seating Company in the balcony regained floor space if needed.

NRS  provided the main floor fixed bleachers with all aluminum decking for the bleacher and Farnham installed Hussey Courtside Seats for matching the balcony seating. All of these specifications allowed enough space for spectators and players to enjoy the new arena space with a modern, re-designed look.

This project was a multi-year example of working directly with the owner on a project, using extensive product knowledge and creativity to come up with solutions to fit their needs.  Regarding this extensive bleacher renovation project, Bill Furman explained:

“When I started five years ago, I had a specific vision for how I wanted this arena to look. This is 110 percent of what I had hoped for.”

The full gallery of the Mentor Ice Arena can be seen here.

To see our project recap of the bleacher renovation through video, visit here.