Mentor Ice Arena

Project Name: Mentor Ice Arena Owner: Mentor Civic Arena Scope: Install Fixed and Telescopic Bleachers Completion Date: Late Fall 2020 Bill Furman wanted a bleacher renovation at the Mentor Ice Arena for years, but couldn’t move forward due to limited funds. In 2016, Bill contacted Farnham Equipment Company asking for assistance with creating new seating for ice arena. Since…

Mount Gilead School District | High School Visitor Bleacher Renovation

  Project Name: Mount Gilead Visitor Bleacher Renovation Owner: Mount Gilead School District Scope: Renovation of Existing Visitors Bleacher Completion Date: July 2020 Mount Gilead Schools had interest in upgrading the visitors’ side of their outdoor stadium for quite some time. Each year, they noticed an ongoing struggle to identity and replace boards which were faulty. With limited resources,…

Switzerland of Ohio Local School District | Bleacher Replacements & Renovations

  Project Details: Beallsville High School Baseball & Softball Portable Bleachers Beallsville High School Football Bleachers Replacement River High School Football Bleachers Replacement River High School Indoor Bleacher Replacement & Upgrades Monroe Central High School Football Bleacher Replacement Completion: Fall 2019 Switzerland of Ohio Local School District High School Athletics got a major overall prior to the start of…

Archbishop Hoban High School | Stadium Renovation

Project Name: Archbishop Hoban High School | Akron City Schools Completion: Fall 2019 Four years ago, Farnham Equipment Company provided assistance to Archbishop Hoban and installed two bleachers for the visitors side of their football stadium. As a result, Hoban called back asking Farnham to help upgrade their home bleachers. This project held great importance for Archbishop Hoban. With…

Ashland City Schools | Community Stadium Grandstand Renovation

  Architect: VSWC Architects Contractor: Adena Corporation Sub-Consultant: Farnham Equipment Company Completion: August 2018 January 2018 led to numerous capital improvements for Ashland City Schools including renovation of the Community Stadium Home Side Grandstand. The project included an elevated front deck, an accessible ramp, aisle rails and new rear guardrail fencing as well as powder-coated guardrails in lieu of…

Budgeting for Renovations: Telescopic Bleachers

Maybe budgeting for new telescopic bleachers just isn’t in the plan for 2019 but renovations are necessary for both your staff and your students.

Where Do You Start?

The best place to start is to take inventory of what you have with a complete Telescopic Seating Inspection for Code Compliance and Safety. An inspection will give insight on the severity of code compliant and safety issues as well as what possible upgrades you could make to your seating. If you truly are interested in upgrades, make sure to let your technician know so they can provide options that best suit your needs and answer any questions while they’re on site.

Another item to take into consideration is the overall age of your seating unit as well as the make and model and how easily it can be upgraded while keeping the maximum seating capacity. For instance, if you have an older unit without dedicated aisle and aisle rails, in order to upgrade your unit to include these items, you will lose seating capacity but you will upgrade in safety and code compliance (also decreasing liability).

What is the general footprint of your existing bleachers? Do you have room to grow length wise? Do you have room to grow if you were to add additional rows? Are you also wanting to incorporate portable team seating and scorers tables? During this process, be sure to ask questions and get your questions answered.

Remember Code Compliance

Chapter 5 of the ICC-300, Section 501.4 states: “Alterations. Alterations to any tiered seating shall conform with the requirements of this standard for new construction. Portions of the structure not altered and not affected by the alteration are not required to comply with the requirements in this standard for a new structure.”

Meaning, if you upgrade your aisle rails, you need to be sure they meet the code requirements referenced in Chapters 1-4.

Bottom Line: Do your research and make sure that the people doing the upgrades know what they’re talking about. Code requirements aren’t in place to be a hassle, they’re in place to keep spectators safe.

What is the end goal?

Is your goal to increase seating capacity? Or maybe it is to give your gym a fresh face with an Extreme Logo or Signature Logo Seating. Or perhaps, you have an older model of bleachers that does not have dedicated aisles and aisle rails, and you would like to create ease of access and safety for your patrons.

Depending on your overall goal, you do have options. If your seating unit is code compliant and safe, you can add to your school spirit with replacement seats, colored rails, skirt-board logos, step logos, and a fresh full-bleed Safety-End Closure Curtain that blocks unauthorized access to your bleacher’s understructure.

Is additional seating your number one goal? If you don’t have it in your budget for a full replacement, we suggest looking into the Maxam1 Portable Bleachers that can be moved throughout the building for multi-use purposes. Not sure if this is right for you? Contact us and try out our sample for a game or two.

To Replace or To Renovate: Telescopic Bleachers

  This time of year we receive a lot of questions and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for new indoor Telescopic Seating or Outdoor Bleachers and Seating so we thought we would add some food for thought on replacement versus renovation. Part 1: Telescopic Seating Where do I start? If you’re trying to decide between a replacement and a renovation,…