Milford Exempted Village Schools | Milford High School Bleacher Replacement

Project Name: Milford Schools Bleacher Replacement
Owner: Milford Exempted Village Schools
Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers
Completion Date: Summer 2020

Milford Schools were looking to renovate their bleachers in the high school gymnasium. Farnham Equipment Company had previously worked with the district on several scopes of work for their elementary buildings. 

This project included two banks of telescopic bleachers. The first bank included 10 rows with six ADA wheelchair spaces. The second bank was much larger, with 21 rows and 12 spaces for ADA wheelchair spaces.At the ends of the 21-tier bank, custom school logos were placed on the end curtains for school spirit.

This project was a great example of a project driven by the owner that Farnham Equipment Company was able to help bring to fruition. The extensive product knowledge from Farnham Equipment Company combined with the existing relationship with Milford School District created a great opportunity to deliver this much needed renovation to their high school gymnasium.

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