Northeastern Local Schools continued its district renovations with a new K-12 at Kenton Ridge in Springfield, OH. Aiming for a completion prior to the 2024 school year, the district tabbed Staffco Construction to manage the project, with Ruetschle Architects for designs of the new building. Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) received awards for delivering multiple scopes of work to the new Kenton Ridge site, after handling the Northeastern K-12 the year prior.

Stevens Advantage educational casework delivered and was installed throughout the building. Opting for a neutral tone, the school requested a Sierra Cascade countertop finish for the majority of the classroom casework. In other areas, however, a darker Montana Walnut finish provided a richer contrast throughout the mail rooms, receptionist areas and more. Custom millwork from Stevens is visible at the multiple receptionist desks at the entry points of the new school. 

The gymnasiums include three banks of telescopic bleachers from Hussey Seating Company (HSC), installed by FEC’s in-house team. In the high school gymnasium, over 1,200 new seats were provided among the two banks of bleachers, with auto-rotating aisle rails, safety end rails, end curtains to prevent students going into the understructure of the bleacher system, and a signature logo with the letters “KR” in school colors. The elementary school gymnasium includes another bank with 215 seats. 

The final scope of work FEC provided is found within the science labs, with ICI Scientific delivering science lab casework for the high school lab areas. This casework includes epoxy resin tops to withstand the wide array of chemicals that are used in a high school science lab, with a harvest wood finish that goes well with the existing school colors. Multiple elevations of casework were necessary for the prep rooms, storage areas and more.

A year prior to Kenton Ridge, Northeastern Local Schools utilized FEC’s scope of work at their Northeastern K-12 school. After a great showing at that project, it was a great sign that FEC received awards for more work with the district. The high-quality casework, bleacher and science lab casework throughout Kenton Ridge was delivered by the FEC installation team, working under a tight summer deadline. The finished product is a great showcase for the district as they continue to expand and renovate their buildings.

The full project gallery at Kenton Ridge K-12 is visible below.