Christ The King Lutheran School desired renovations for their gym seating. As the school looked for solutions, the Service Department for Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) stepped in to assist. While working to assist with the school’s operation of its basketball backstops, the FEC service team discovered the school’s plans to upgrade its seating. FEC provided layout assistance and mock designs to show the school what the finished product would look like. Ultimately, FEC received awards to deliver and install new bleachers at the facility. 

Given the school’s capacity, a singular telescopic bank from Hussey Seating Company (HSC) was all that was needed. This five-row bleacher holds a little over 200 spectators and comes with auto-rotating aisle rails for ease of operation for the maintenance staff. Additionally, flex-row seating is part of the first row of seating to accommodate ADA compliance. This feature allows spectators to recover seating or make space for patrons in wheelchairs to observe the game. On the ends of the bleachers, the school wanted a little more flair and opted for a custom logo on the end curtains with the Panthers Logo. 

This small project is another great example of how FEC’s knowledge and Service Department paved the way for assisting a school looking to replace existing bleachers. By carefully considering the school’s budget, timeframe, and needs, FEC delivered and installed these new bleachers professionally and timely before the 2023 school year.

The full project gallery for Christ the King Lutheran School’s new bleachers is visible below.