A Day of Remembrance

  Today, the third Friday in September, we honor our nation’s Prisoners of War and Missing in Action, those still missing and unaccounted for from our nation’s wars. Today is POW/MIA Recognition Day. Our featured seating vendor, Hussey Seating Company, is a long standing partner of Rolling Thunder, Inc. a non-profit organization called to be “…united in the cause…

Get to Know: Hussey Seating Company


In business since 1954, Farnham Equipment Company is now in its third generation of Farnham family ownership. It’s no surprise that we’re a good fit with Hussey Seating Company, now in its sixth generation. FEC has been an Exclusive Dealer for Hussey Seating Company for nearly 50 years in the state of Ohio. With continuing education opportunities and annual dealer meetings, Hussey Seating Company understands the importance of communication, passion for their work, and taking action.

Read about our Marketing Manager, Kami Wernimont's experience visiting Hussey University in 2015 in What I Learned at Hussey University.

What’s their Story?

Hussey Seating Company typically encounters a reaction of disbelief when people learn they’ve been in business since 1835.  It's unusual for a company to stay in one family's ownership for that length of time, let alone a business with a history of manufacturing everything from long furrowed plows to combat the rocky New England soil in 1835, to fire escapes and ski lifts in the early 1900's, all the way to spectator seating since 1960.

But here's the secret: 
Hussey Seating Company is not a manufacturing center. They are an innovation center.

While today Hussey produces the highest quality spectator and audience seating in the world, their real business is listening to, understanding, and solving their customer’s biggest problems. Almost 200 years ago customers needed plows, today they need spectator seating solutions custom fit for their audience. They need telescopic platforms that can safely accommodate a high volume guests with ease and transform facilities from event to event seamlessly. They need a company they can trust with their biggest moments, and Hussey, in partnership with Exclusive Dealers such as Farnham Equipment Company, is more than prepared for the job.

For almost 200 years Hussey’s goals haven't changed:

  • They are a family business in it for the long run
  • They operate with honesty and integrity
  • They care about the people we work with

From high school gymnasiums, tracks and football fields, to professional arenas and performing arts centers, wherever you find spectators sharing a great moment you'll find Hussey Seats.

What Can Hussey Seating Company do for You?

Contact us, let us bring your seating vision to life!

*History provided by Hussey Seating Company

Did You Know: Additional Products & Solutions


When it comes to our products and installations, if you’re an architect, you’re likely familiar with Stevens Industries and Hussey Seating Company, our featured vendors for Plastic Laminate Casework and Seating, respectively. As a Construction Manager or General Contractor, we’re known for our dedicated in-house installation team and our Project Management. If our Maintenance Solutions team has been out to your facility, perhaps you know us best for our Code Compliance Inspections, Repairs, and Emergency Services for Bleachers and Athletic Equipment. From the start of a project through the cycles of maintenance and repair, Farnham Equipment Company provides a solution.

But did you know we offer additional products and solutions to fully meet your needs?

In the Classroom

Wood & Metal Lab Casework: ICI Scientific offers a complete line of wood casework, fixtures, custom fume hoods, work surfaces, safety showers, work stations, overhead service centers and more.

Vocational Shop Equipment: Everything you need from woodworking storage cabinets and both steel and wood work benches to vises.

Mobile Shelving Units: Today’s classroom is designed with multi-use flexibility. Mobile shelving units are versatile with multiple backing options including additional shelving, whiteboards, tack boards, and magnetic surfaces.

In the Gym:

Athletic Equipment: Farnham Equipment Company is a longstanding partner with Performance Sports Systems, providing a solution for all of your Athletic Equipment needs from backstops, divider curtains, volleyball systems, batting cages, mat hoists, and more.

Scorers Tables: Whether it’s a simple 8-ft table or a custom LED scorer table, we can work with you on artwork design and color options as well as make sure that you’re set up for appropriate sight lines and egress.

Wall Pads: Customized to fit your space and to stand out with your school logo.

Team Seating: Clarin by Hussey Seating Company provides portable seating from the traditional series to VIP and full-bleed artwork options and color frames – your team will stand out.

Throughout the Building:

Visual Wall Displays & Custom Millwork: From the eye catching Media Center partitions at the new Fairfield Elementary Schools to the bright design of built in benches at Northwood PK-12 School and the custom design of Northwest Local Elementary Schools’ neighborhood feel of houses and sunshine, you design it, we can make it happen.

Wall Panel Systems: Whether you’re interested in adding laminate wall panels to the auditorium, as Harvey S. Firestone CLC did or providing them in mixed-use space with whiteboards and television access similar to Miami Trace High School, or a custom cafetorium like Perrysburg Hull Prairie Intermediate School – we have [your walls] covered.

Library Shelving & Equipment: We offer a complete Line of Contract Furniture, Library Seating, Library Shelving, Circulation Desks, Tables, Equipment, & Library Supplies using modular construction, allowing rearrangement of freestanding components.

Additional Products: Drapes and shades, cafeteria tables, operable partitions, classroom furnishings, and stage curtains.


Bleachers & Grandstands & Accessories: Outdoor Seating customized to fit your needs whether that is a complete turn-key solution including bleacher removal and site-work and/or design assistance, we have your solution. Our team can guide you to the best manufacturer should you want a complex I-Beam Bleacher, Elevated Bleacher, or Non-Elevated Bleacher.

Portable Bleachers: To be fair, we offer portable bleachers for both indoor and outdoor. From Hussey’s Maxam1 Portable that blends perfectly with your traditional telescopic seating to aluminum tip n roll bleachers in the Natatorium, there is a flexible solution. Outdoor aluminum portables are great for the practice field, to accommodate the High School Band, or to provide overflow seating options.

Playground Equipment Inspections: A new offering from our Service Team, we’re able to bundle your Telescopic Bleacher, Outdoor Bleacher, and Athletic Equipment Inspections with a complete Playground Equipment Inspection, keeping all of your inspections in one place with our cloud based system for future reference.

Do You Have a Project Coming Up?

Let us know how we can assist you from product, design, installation or maintenance. 

NJPA is Now Sourcewell

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#MySafetyPledge: Our Pledge to Safety

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Meet Your Team

  Backed by our in-house, 30+, installation team, Farnham Equipment Company’s in-office team is dedicated to providing you with not only quality products, but quality service and relationships too. As a family business, Farnham Equipment Company was established in 1954 by Rodger and Barbara Farnham. FEC, now led by a third-generation Farnham, is also proud of the employment of…

Hussey Seating Company’s New Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails

Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails

  Hussey Seating Company is at it again, improving the operation and ease of use of your seating system with their New Auto-Rotating Center Aisle Rails. Their breakthrough design ensures patrons will always have a secure handrail while ascending or descending your bleachers. The new rail is permanently mounted to the bleacher and automatically rotates as you open and…

What I learned at Hussey University

Hussey Seating Company

  We don’t often do a blog post that is mainly commentary, but today I thought we would try something different. I like to be inspired. Uplifted. Refreshed. Once in a while, it’s necessary for us all to refuel a bit. Walking through the doors at Hussey Seating Company, within the first 20 minutes, I could see the pride…