Meet Our Dealers Spotlight: ICI Scientific

Farnham Equipment Company has partnered with ICI Scientific for decades, primarily representing CampbellRhea Educational Wood Casework. As a result, FEC has installed ICI Scientific products in  middle schools, high schools, and higher education science labs through the years. The below lab is a recent installation. Farnham renovated three higher education chemistry labs and prep rooms, featuring both white maple…

Fostoria City Schools | 7-12 Building and PK-6 Renovations

Project Name: Fostoria 7-12 School and PK-6 Renovations Owner: Fostoria City Schools Architect: Garmann Miller Architects Construction Manager: Shook-Touchstone Scope: Casework, Lab Casework & Equipment Completion: January 2020 Fostoria City Schools had a massive undertaking: not only were they constructing a new 7-12 building, but also had renovations for the PK-6 school along with some site maintenance. Farnham Equipment Company was able to assist them…

Akron Public Schools | Ellet CLC High School

  Project Name: Ellet Community Learning Center High School Owner: Akron Public Schools Architect: GPD Group Construction Manager: Hammond Construction Contractor: Competitive Interiors Inc. Scope: Education Casework, Lab Casework, Telescopic Bleachers, Auditorium Seating Completion: August 2019 Stevens Industries educational casework is housed in the new Ellet CLC High School in Wild Cherry with accents of Sugar Cookie, Tangerine, Causal…

Miami Trace Local Schools | Miami Trace High School

  Project Name: Miami Trace High School Owner: Miami Trace Local Schools Architect: SHP Leading Design Construction Manager: Ruscilli Construction Company, Inc. Scope: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework, Lab Casework, Telescopic Bleachers, and Auditorium Seating Completion: August 2018 The new Miami Trace High School has been described as a showcase for modern learning. The new building joined the…

Spring Cleaning in the Classroom: Laminate & Epoxy

Plastic Laminate Casework


We’ve discussed spring cleaning for indoor telescopic bleachers and outdoor grandstands, now let’s take a walk into the classrooms and talk Casework and Millwork, more specifically, plastic laminate.

The high-rated durability of thermofused and high-pressure laminate make it much easier to care for than real wood, ensuring years of quality performance.

Basic Maintenance for Laminate:

  • Routinely clean surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge, and a mild soap or detergent.
  • Stubborn stains, such as coffee, can be removed with a household cleaner and soft bristled brush. If the mark persists, use a baking soda and water paste with a soft bristled brush.
  • Undiluted bleach or nail polish remover can be used if the above steps do not remove the mark, but should sit no more than two minutes to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Surfaces can be disinfected with a 10% bleach / 90% water solution. Apply the solution and wipe surface dry.  Deep textures may require more drying to ensure the solution is wiped away.

Things to Avoid:

  • Laminate surfaces are incredibly durable but can be damaged by misuse. Avoid the missteps below to enjoy the long life-cycle of your laminate products!
  • Avoid forceful scrubbing, especially if the surface has a gloss finish.
  • Acidic or abrasive cleaners can damage laminate surfaces; do not use them.
  • Hot pans and heat-producing appliances, such as an electric skillet, when set directly upon countertops can damage the surface. Use a heat shield, hot pad or trivet to protect the surface.

Science Labs

What About Epoxy Resin Tops?

Care for Epoxy Resin is similar to Plastic Laminate in the sense that you don’t want to use abrasive materials and forceful scrubbing as they will diminish the finish. With any spill, the sooner you wipe it up, the better and use a damp soft cloth or sponge. Mild soaps, again, similar to Plastic Laminate are best. For a more natural clean, you can combine vinegar and water. Treating your tops with a weekly or monthly mineral oil polish will revive the finish.

Missing Parts & Pieces?

Whether you need additional keys, hinges, pulls or more - we have you covered!

Elder High School Science Lab Renovation

  Project Name: Elder High School Owner: Elder High School Architect: KZF Design General Contractor: Monarch Construction Company Scope: Materials & Installation of Science Lab Casework Completion: August 2017 Farnham Equipment Company was part of Elder High School’s building renovation, providing and installing ICI Scientific’s (Campbell Rhea) Science Lab Casework in three labs. Finished in the standard Empire Maple, the Science Labs included black…

North Ridgeville City Schools | North Ridgeville Academic Center

North Ridgeville Casework

  Project Name: North Ridgeville Academic Center Owner: North Ridgeville City Schools Architect: tda Architecture Construction Manager: ICON Construction Solutions, LLC Scope: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework, Science Lab Casework, Collaborative Lockers, and Softball Dugout Completion: August 2017 In collaboration with the OFCC, North Ridgeville City School District built a new 232,803 sf building for grades 3-8. The new building opened its doors…

Apollo Career Center

  Project Name: Apollo Career Center Owner: Apollo Career Center Architect: Garmann Miller Architects/Engineers Construction Manager: Shook Touchstone, LLC General Contractor: Peterson Construction Scope: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework, Lab Casework, Vocational Shop Casework, Architectural Wood Casework, Cosmetology Equipment, Library Casework Completion: August 2016 The Apollo Career Center provides educational and career oriented programs to students in surrounding area…

Harvey S. Firestone Community Learning Center | Akron Public Schools

Project Name: Harvey S. Firestone Community Learning Center Owner: Akron Public Schools Architect: GPD Group General Contractor: Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. Construction Manager: Ruhlin | Panzica | Jenkins Construction Managers Completion: August 2016 Specifications: 06402 Interior Architectural Casework 12324 Education & Music Casework 11610/12355 Lab Hoods & Casework 11480 Gym Equipment 12660 Telescoping Stands Stevens Industries Wild Cherry Fronts, Pearl…

Columbus State Community College | Dublin Regional Learning Center

Wood Lab Casework

  Owner:  Columbus State Community College Architect:  Moody Nolan Contractor:  Daimler Group Sub-Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company In August 2015, Columbus State’s Dublin Regional Learning Center moved into the Integrated Education Center on Ohio University’s Dublin Campus. The building also houses Ohio University’s College of Health Sciences and Professions. The rest of the Dublin campus houses Ohio University’s Heritage College…