Southwestern City Schools underwent a massive district improvement with the construction of four new middle schools in the district: Beulah Park Middle School, Brookpark Middle School, Pleasant View Middle School, and Norton Middle School. Each of these new middle schools is set to open in the fall of 2022. Schorr Architects designed these middle schools.  Summit Construction and Ruscilli Construction managed the construction of these projects, with each overseeing two of the buildings. Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) earned the contract for delivering general casework, science lab casework, and gym bleachers for all four of the new schools.

FEC installed Stevens Advantage casework throughout each of the buildings. The administrative offices, classrooms, art, music, and life skills rooms feature a beautiful Monticello Maple finish for the casework and countertops. Custom receptionist desks were designed and installed in the office entry areas to welcome the public into these new facilities.  The scope of casework for these four similar facilities is typical for FEC to provide and install in middle schools throughout Ohio.

In the science classrooms and labs, FEC installed Campbell Rhea Empire Maple Series casework with a Natural Finish from Institutional Casework Inc. (ICI). The black epoxy resin tops installed are an industry standard and will hold up against the materials used within the science classrooms. These high-end science labs are a great addition to each of these new buildings.

In the gymnasium, FEC installed “Maxam” telescoping bleachers from Hussey Seating Company.  The large 16-row seating bank in each building will hold 860 spectators and was designed to hold the entire planned student body.  With Hussey’s first-row “Flex-Row” design for ADA compliance and Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails for ease of setup, these schools are equipped with the latest safety features for the community.

These projects were a monumental achievement for Southwestern City Schools. Facing tight deadlines, covid restrictions, long material lead times, and the pressure of building four new schools at the same time, these projects turned out fantastic. FEC was thrilled to be a part of that process by providing high-quality materials and expert installation by our skilled in-house team.  

The full gallery of one of the four middle schools, Buelah Park, is visible below.