Fostoria City Schools | Fostoria High School Bleacher Replacement


Project Name: Fostoria High School Bleacher Replacement
Owner: Fostoria City Schools
Architect: Garmann-Miller & Associates, Inc.
Telescopic Seating Replacement
Completion: August 2017

When Fostoria High School was planning their bleacher replacement, three main goals were in place:

  1. Due to hosting several wrestling tournaments a year, they would need to have three mats on the floor at all times. The only way to do this with their new seating would be to split one bleacher bank into two sections so that one could be closed with a mat in front of it, and one could be open for spectator seating.
  2. Direct access from the main floor bleachers to the balcony bleachers. To do this, the main floor bleachers would need to transition to the balcony and the existing non-code compliant balcony rail would be replaced with new code compliant glass railings.
  3. Provide the entire turnkey project with an expedited delivery and completion before 8/4/2017 to allow volleyball activity to proceed without interruption.

To meet these goals for a turnkey project, Farnham Equipment Company started with a complete demo of the existing bleachers and rails. Installation of the new glass railing increased sight line viewing while closing gaps in the railing. Access to the balcony from the main floor bleachers is a glass swinging gate at each aisle way, within the railing, that be opened or closed.

Five Hussey Seating Company Telescopic Bleacher banks were installed at Fostoria High School, two main floor units, with one split into two banks, and home and visitors balcony reverse fold bleachers with total net seats 1730. The #983 Black CourtSide Seats included CourtSide Logos with the Fostoria Redmen logo. Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails in Bright Red with matching transition aisle steps brought school spirit to the forefront. Bleachers were further upgraded to include Bright Red guardrails and rear guardrails and a full-bleed Safety-End Closure Curtain customized with the Fostoria Redmen Logo.

With a contract date of April, 2017, the entire project was completed to allow for operations and usage for August sports.

Fostoria City Schools | Fostoria High School Bleacher Replacement