In order to maximize cost-efficiency, facilities need to prioritize quality inspections from qualified personnel. When it comes to inspecting athletic equipment, having trained personnel that will look at every nut and bolt within the facility is crucial.

Below, Director of Service Operations Rocky Baker explains the need for regular inspections, the importance of quality inspections from qualified personnel, and different considerations for different bolts that are present within facilities’ equipment.

This video is a continuation of our preventative maintenance video series, focused on giving tips and product knowledge to customers when it comes to their athletic equipment.

Farnham Equipment Company is committed to providing ongoing education and direction for facilities within the state of Ohio when it comes to their athletic equipment and preventative maintenance. If there are additional questions after watching, or if you would like to schedule an inspection, feel free to reach out to us. Farnham Equipment Company is a service partner with Performance Sports Systems, but is able to perform inspections on other manufacturers’ equipment.

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