In continuation with our preventative maintenance series, we look at operating divider curtains. For many facilities, the divider curtain is simply about lowering and raising. However, there are many parts to a divider curtain that require maintenance and understanding in order to maximize its life-cycle.

To begin, clearing the divider curtain area of any extra debris or potential equipment is extremely important. A divider curtain consistently interrupted during the lower or raising period hurts the entire power system and is an easy way to ensure proper use. In addition, it’s important for facilities to understand what makes a divider curtain rise and what makes it lower into position.

Director of Operations Rocky Baker explains the mechanics behind operating divider curtains in the video below:

Farnham Equipment Company is committed to providing ongoing education and direction for facilities within the state of Ohio. If there are additional questions after watching, or if you would like to schedule an inspection, feel free to reach out to us. Farnham Equipment Company is a service partner with Performance Sports Systems, but is able to perform inspections on other manufacturers’ equipment.

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