In the final video of our preventative maintenance series, we want to look at when to signal for a professional. When it comes to your facility, you can never be too shy to reach out and ask for help. It is recommended that your facility receive annual inspections to extend the lifecycle of your equipment.

Director of Service Operations Rocky Baker has over 40 years of expertise when it comes to athletic equipment. In the video below, he discusses the importance of adjusting limit switches, as well as when to signal a professional for your equipment.

If you are looking to signal a professional, look no further than Farnham Equipment Company. For over 65 years, Farnham Equipment Company has been an established solutions provider within the state of Ohio. Offering expertise in telescopic bleachers, athletic equipment, casework, outdoor grandstands, and more, we are happy to assist your facility with any ongoing preventative maintenance needs, or facility upgrades you may be looking to accomplish.

Signal A Professional At Farnham Equipment Company

Whether you are a long-time customer or new to what Farnham Equipment Company has to offer, we want you to be able to make quick and convenient contact with the person best suited to answer your questions. Contact the following based on what you are inquiring about:

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Installation & Technical Assisstance: David DeCan, 937.533.6407 (Phone/Text)
Operations, Scheduling & Technical Assistance: Nick Osterhout, 937.537.9570 (Phone/Text)
Direct Sales, Support & Estimating: Jared Kirk, 614.882.0790 x 8008
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