Providing Bleacher Maintenance To Your Facilities

COVID-19 created large-sweeping changes for our world. On a smaller scale, K-12 schools were faced with budgetary cuts and remote learning. With so many schools remote, bleacher maintenancewas the least of people’s worries.

Farnham Equipment Company has been in business since 1956. We are committed to giving outstanding maintenance and service towards your bleachers, athletic equipment and outdoor grandstands. In response to COVID-19 restrictions for schools, we decided to make educational videos.

These videos, entitled “Virtual Gym Safety Sessions” are here to focus on helping you keep your bleachers maintained and safe. Our first video focuses on the importance of having expereienced personnel operating your equipment.

Our service and maintenance technicians have been qualified to perform inspections and diagnose prevantative maintenance on your telescopic bleachers.

See the full video below: