Winter Solstice & What it has to do with Outdoor Bleachers


By now, the fans have gone indoors to cheer on basketball and the outdoor bleachers are left empty in the cold of winter. The first official day of winter (Friday December 21st!) brings with it new concerns for your outdoor bleachers come spring. With freezing temperatures comes expansion and contraction of your aluminum causing hardware to loosen.

Bottom Line: Even if you got an Outdoor Bleacher inspection and completed preventative maintenance in the fall, you’ll want to check it again in the spring when the weather turns warm again, including tightening all of your hardware.

And just for fun, check out some Winter Solstice Facts including:

  1. Why do we have solstices?
  2. How many hours of sunlight will I get on the solstice? *Spoiler alert: Ohio will get about 9 to 9-1/2 hours of sunlight.
  3. Is winter solstice the earliest sunset of the year?
  4. Is the winter solstice the coldest day of the year?
  5. What does the winter solstice have to do with Stonehenge?
  6. Is Friday night the longest night in the Earth’s entire history?
  7. Are there solstices on other planets?
  8. Bonus: I clicked this article accidentally and really just want a cool picture of the sun.


Go Ahead, get your spring inspection and preventative maintenance scheduled, we’ve got you.