Winter Solstice & What it has to do with Outdoor Bleachers

  By now, the fans have gone indoors to cheer on basketball and the outdoor bleachers are left empty in the cold of winter. The first official day of winter (Friday December 21st!) brings with it new concerns for your outdoor bleachers come spring. With freezing temperatures comes expansion and contraction of your aluminum causing hardware to loosen. Bottom…

Emergency Services | Are You Ready?

  Schools are about to open their doors to the 2018-2019 school year. You’ve been working all summer, checking off maintenance needs. Fridays will soon be filled with football and gymnasiums will be hosting pep rallies. Gym class means volleyball, basketball, and indoor sports. All have students gathering, communities cheering on the home team. Are you ready?  We are….

Elgin Local Schools | Outdoor Bleacher Replacement

Outdoor Bleachers

  Architect: GPD Group General Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company  With a complete turnkey solution including bleacher removal and site-work, Elgin Local Schools replaced both home and visitors bleachers in time for the 2016 football season. Special features including fully enclosed decking with red risers and full front skirting makes the home-side bleachers stand out in the crowd.

Grove City High School Outdoor Bleacher Replacement

Outdoor Bleachers

  Facility: Grove City High School | South-Western City Schools Architect: Schorr Architects, Inc. – Dublin, OH Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company In the process of updating the district’s facilities, South-Western City Schools hired Schorr Architects, Inc. to advise them on how to proceed with either upgrading the visitors’ football bleachers at Grove City High School or replacing them completely. The existing structure did not…

A Bleacher Procurement Project: Start to Finish | Part 1: Identifying the Need

Bleacher Safety

  A capital equipment purchase such as a bleacher system can be extremely complicated.  Often, this is a once in a generation type purchase.  It is critical that such a purchase be done correctly to maximize the investment, but where do you even start?  There are numerous options to consider when you realize your current seating system is ready…

Archbold Area Schools | Spengler Field Bleacher Replacement

Outdoor Bleachers

    In December 2013, Farnham Equipment Company performed annual bleacher inspections at Archbold Area Schools that included an inspection at Spengler Field. At the time, FEC recommended the bleachers be replaced due to the amount of rust on the steel structural components. The structure is fabricated from round tubing and once moisture gets inside the tubing, you cannot…

East Clinton Local Schools – Sabina, OH

Outdoor Bleachers

  Facility: East Clinton High School Visitor’s Bleachers  – East Clinton Local Schools, OH Architect: DS2 Architects – Maysville, KY Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company Manufacturer: American Aluminum Seating, Inc. In the summer of 2013, East Clinton Local Schools expanded their visitor’s bleachers from 5-rows to 15-rows. The project included dismantling the bleachers to pour a concrete pad, reassembling the original 5 rows and adding 10 additional…

Urbana University Blue Knights’ New Visitors Bleachers

Outdoor Bleachers

  A Walk of Honor paves the way to the new Urbana University American Aluminum Seating Outdoor Visitors Bleachers, completed yesterday. The Urbana Blue Knights invited the community and alumni to purchase engraved bricks to pave the walkways of the entrance to the stadium to raise money to purchase the new outdoor bleachers. FEC worked direct with Urbana University to provide the whole package…

Spring Season: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Outdoor Bleachers

  Guest Author, Travis Thompson of the Ohio School Plan I was attending my first high school baseball game of the spring last week when something caught my eye. Another family was there watching their oldest son play. Their twin boys, age three, were entertaining the crowd like all three year old twins do. The action on the field was…