Sycamore Community Schools finished construction of its new Junior High School in the fall of 2023. Working with Monarch Construction and SHP Leading Design, this rebuild project delivered a dazzling design for the future generations of students. Along the way, Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) received awards for multiple scopes of work for this project.

Stevens Advantage educational casework is on display throughout the entire building. The mailrooms, art areas, and classrooms are filled with various elevations of plastic laminate casework in a Palisades Oak finish. The science labs include epoxy tops to go atop of Palisade Oak drawers, giving a more professional look to the science wings of the building. Additionally, the receptionist desks at the school include customized millwork elevations from Stevens to give a unique look as students enter into the new building. Other custom millwork elevations can see in the dining lobby and in various sections of the building near staircases and the art rooms.

In the main gymnasium, telescopic bleachers from Hussey Seating Company (HSC) provide nearly 450 new seats for spectators. SHP worked to design a layout that allows patrons to enter from the balcony entrance up top, with front rails preventing spectators from reaching the floor. End curtains in the schools colors provide additional protection from students going underneath the bleacher system. This design allows for ADA patrons to watch from above in the balcony section. In order to create flexibility, portable MAXAM1 bleachers also are around the other side of the gymnasium, providing limited seating for students. Gared Performance Sports (PSS) provided ceiling-mounted basketball backstops in the main and auxiliary gymnasiums, along with custom wall padding for the wrestling room. HSC also provided new Quattro auditorium chairs that really shine in an incredibly designed theater by SHP.

The project at Sycamore Junior High was substantial in scope, and required timely delivery and installs from the FEC team to provide the work needed prior to opening. FEC handled many issues to provide an outstanding finished product to the uniquely-designed junior high school, who were thrilled to experience new gymnasium equipment, bleachers and casework throughout the building.

The project gallery for Sycamore Junior High School is visible below.