Project Name: Central Elementary, Compass Elementary & Fairfield Freshmen School
Owner: Fairfield City School District
Architect: SHP Leading Design
Construction Manager: Skanska-Megen, Joint Venture
General Contractor: D.A.G Construction Co. (Fairfield Freshmen Bleacher, Athletic Equipment, and Auditorium Contract Only)
Scope Elementary Schools: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework and Wood Trim
Scope Fairfield Freshmen School: Materials & Installation of Educational Casework, Telescopic Seating, Athletic Equipment, and Auditorium Seating
Completion: August 2017

On October 15, 2015 the Fairfield City School District Community gathered for the groundbreaking for their new schools. At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, the doors opened for students, faculty, and staff. Three new buildings were constructed: one to replace Central Elementary, one to replace the Freshmen School, and an entirely new school, Compass Elementary located directly across from Fairfield High School.

Central and Compass Elementary Schools mirror one another in design, with the exception of a change in color palette. Farnham Equipment Company supplied and installed Stevens Industries Educational Casework throughout both buildings. Both with a main finish of Fusion Maple, chose laminate backing of different colors: Central featured laminate in Ocean while Compass elementary highlighted with Leaf Green. Both utilized the traditional bent wire pulls and 5-knuckle hinges in Nickel. Central chose a countertop in Colosseum while Compass utilized Silver Twill as their countertop color choice.

A focal point for both buildings is the design of the new Media Centers. An open air design with aluminum posts, 3-Form & wood veneer accents give the new schools a sleek modern look.

Fairfield Freshmen also includes Stevens Industries Casework finished in Palisades Oak and a Pear Soapstone countertop with the same traditional bent wire pulls and 5-knuckle hinges in Nickel. The school also included laminates: Crystal White, Hollyberry, Ocean, and Orange Grove as accent colors. The Stevens science labs included a whiteboard style laminate for their upper cabinets for easy notating.

The Freshmen auditorium features Hussey Seating Company Traditional Quattro Seating with wood armrests with seat numbers and row letters. With 33 rows of seating, the auditorium can house up to 401 guests.

Hussey Seating Company Maxam26 Telescopic Bleachers are in the gymnasium featuring Bright Red CourtSide seating with Hussey’s new Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails. Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails are permanently mounted to the bleacher, and automatically rotate to the proper open or closed position during opening and closing.

Performance Sports Systems (PSS) Athletic Equipment includes basketball backstops on both the main court and side courts, divider curtain, wall pads, volleyball equipment, and a chin-up bar. Two Red scoreboards with wireless controllers were provided by All American Scoreboards.

Fairfield City School District | Central Elementary School

Fairfield City School District | Compass Elementary School

Fairfield City School District | Freshmen High School


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