Project Name: John Glenn High School Outdoor Bleacher
Owner: East Muskingum Local Schools
CMR: National Recreations Systems
Scope: Provide and Install Outdoor Grandstands, Stadium Press Box, Vomitory Entrance Way and ADA Seating Space
Completion Date: Fall 2020

In 2019, Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) was contacted by Dave Adams of East Muskingum Local Schools to install a new outdoor grandstand at John Glenn High School. This was to be a 10-row elevated bleacher. Farnham Equipment Company finished this project in the summer of 2019.

Fast forward one year later, and Farnham Equipment Company received another phone call from East Muskingum. Dave Adams wanted to upgrade the grandstand that we had installed in 2019. The school was requesting five additional rows of seating, a press box, and a new vomitory entrance to the seating that would allow for code-compliant ADA wheelchair spaces on the existing “Muskie” grandstand.

In the summer of 2020, FEC installed an additional five rows to the bleacher and completely reworked the understructure to provide vomitory entrances for spectators and the necessary access and space for ADA wheelchair compliance. In addition, a new press box was installed behind the upgraded grandstand.

This project highlights two important goals of the Farnham Equipment Company – “Customer Confidence” and “Product Knowledge”. The quality work FEC was able to provide for the school in 2019 was a key reason why it was the solutions provider one year later. Farnham Equipment Company is committed to excellent work and wants the customers we work with to have the confidence to come back to us to help them find solutions to their problems.

The second point is equally important. The knowledge of how to create vomitory entrances in an existing bleacher is complicated, but FEC’s Installation team was able to get this accomplished in order to provide the requested access and spaces for ADA Code Compliance. Farnham’s expert in-house technicians had the knowledge required to provide the requested upgrades for East Muskingum Local Schools.

The full project gallery for John Glenn’s High School Outdoor Bleachers is visible below.