Archbold Area Schools | Spengler Field Bleacher Replacement

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In December 2013, Farnham Equipment Company performed annual bleacher inspections at Archbold Area Schools that included an inspection at Spengler Field. At the time, FEC recommended the bleachers be replaced due to the amount of rust on the steel structural components. The structure is fabricated from round tubing and once moisture gets inside the tubing, you cannot determine when, if or how bad the rust is from the inside out. The structure can be in worse condition than you realize. Additionally, there were more concerns including rusted deck supports, rusted structural bracing, damaged decking, and damaged hardware making an upgrade less cost-effective than a full replacement for the district.

Early 2014, Farnham Equipment Company was awarded the bid to replace the Spengler Field bleachers and worked with Kruger Construction, a local contractor, to remove large trees and pour a new concrete pad for the unit.

The new bleacher unit, a National Recreation Systems, Inc. 10 Row x 97’ – 6” elevated Aluminum Bleacher with ADA seating was completed June 2014. The new bleacher, with the original press box, has an elevation of 48” with a 63” clear walkway and includes two sets of entry stairs and a 60’ ADA ramp. Net seating is 526 with 8 ADA spaces for a total of 534 spectator seating.

Archbold Area Schools has used Spengler Field as their main high school field until 2005 when they began to use the field for Junior High School Football and High School Soccer. We wish the best of luck to the Archbold Bluestreaks throughout their football and soccer seasons! Enjoy your new seating!

Spengler Field: Before & After