How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Backboard | PSS Guest Post

  How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Backboard Guest Post by Performance Sports Systems Identify Your Play Level When choosing a backboard, first evaluate what your level of play will be (e.g. collegiate competition play, high school competition play, youth/k-8 play, or recreational play).  Matching your backboard to your play level will ensure that your board can withstand…

Pickaway County Fairground Revitalization: Blending Old & New

  Andrew J. Hunkins, LEED AP, Senior Project Manager at Corna-Kokosing contacted Farnham Equipment Company just days prior to the complete demolition of the old Groveport Madison High School, when he found out their Interkal Telescopic Bleachers were part of the demolition. He inquired of the possibility to remove the old Interkal Bleachers and have them stored for a…

DIY Design: Quattro Art Series

Introducing Hussey's New 3-D Configurator for Quattro Art Series Design

Last June, we introduced Hussey Seating Company’s new Quattro Art Series, seating designed with luxe fabrics, refined aesthetics, natural materials and endless customization options to take your venue to the next level of comfort and elegance.

Most recently, Hussey Seating Company released a new platform for you to design the perfect chair for your facility with their 3D Configurator. Choose your finishes, style, wood and fabric and alternate your view points. When you’ve decided on a design, choose to continue and download your results, including a summary, specs, and images.

What will you create?


Quattro Art Series
Quattro Art Series
Quattro Art Series
Quattro Art Series

Building Safety Month: A Guide to Resources

  When it comes to our Maintenance Solutions Team, Safety is Priority Number One for our school districts and facility owners and their patrons. We’ve developed our blog series, Bleacher Safety – What’s Your Risk along with numerous safety and code compliance blog posts, presentations, and white papers. Recently, we launched our Gym Safety Sessions where our Service Manager,…