Westerville City Schools | Westerville South High School Renovations

Project Name: Westerville South High School Renovations
Owner: Westerville City Schools
Architect: Triad Architects
CMR: Adena Corporation
Scope: Provide and Install Educational Casework, Telescopic Bleachers and Athletic Equipment
Completion Date: Winter 2020

Westerville City Schools looked to build a new competition gymnasium at Westerville South High School. This larger athletic wing assisted with modernizing the existing building.. Adena Corporation and Triad Architects were tasked to deliver this project.  Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) assisted Triad in the seating design for the gym and ultimately secured a contract to provide equipment for the new building additions.

Farnham Equipment provided and installed Maxam Telescopic Bleachers from Hussey Seating Company and athletic equipment from Performance Sports Systems for the new gymnasium. Four banks of bleachers were installed, two on the main floor and two in balconies overlooking the main floor. One balcony bank was designed as a reverse-fold bleacher, which, when closed, allows for additional space behind the seating for other activities.  The four banks created approximately 1,600 seats for spectators. The bleachers feature Hussey’s Auto-Rotating Aisle Rails throughout and a media platform on the west side of the gymnasium.

FEC installed six ceiling suspended basketball backstops, a top-roll divider curtain, and cushioned safety wall pads from Performance Sports Systems for the new gym.  The backstops and curtain were designed to be operated by Performance’s 1500XL WiFi Controller.

As you explore the remainder of the athletic and academic wings, Stevens Educational Casework are  seen throughout. The Kensington Maple and Landmark Wood finishes fit well within the classrooms and administration offices.

This project highlighted Farnham’s history of delivering to customers throughout the years. Westerville City Schools looked to Farnham for assistance prior to the new building, allowing for Farnham to be a reliable solution when they looked for new bleachers, casework and athletic equipment.

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