Waverly City Schools | Field House Bleacher Replacement

Telescopic Bleachers


Waverly City Schools replaced their Field House bleachers last fall via an NJPA contract, giving their Field House a sleek classic look with modern accents. By utilizing the NJPA contract, Waverly City Schools was able to use a procurement method compliant with Ohio laws while avoiding the time, expense, and uncertainty of a drawn out bid process. As an NJPA vendor, Hussey Seating Company fast-tracked their Field House Bleacher Replacement into production to meet their completion deadline. The owner was able to select the exact products they wanted to enhance their facility within their budget and was able to leave out the added expense and need for an architect or construction manager, giving Waverly (Owner) direct control of the project.

Patrick Williams, Technology Coordinator at Waverly City Schools worked directly with Farnham Equipment Company and shared, “Farnham Equipment was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Professionalism of both sales and installation staff was excellent.  Our project was a tremendous success and brought back a vibrance to our gym that provides an amazing atmosphere for our basketball games!”

Waverly Field House has four banks of wall-attached Hussey Seating Company Telescopic Bleachers, two on the main floor and two balcony bleachers, offer a total net seating of 2162 including ADA Flex Rows. The Classic wood seats and wood decks are complimented by orange aisle rails and orange Self-Storing Safety guardrails.

The Waverly Tigers took advantage of Hussey’s Step Sign Graphics option and worked directly with Farnham Equipment Company on the design. An orange Safety End Curtain with the Tiger logo closes off the understructure to prevent unauthorized access. A 4 x 8 semi-permanent media platform was installed on one bank offering optimal viewing of the court.

We wish the best of luck to the Waverly Tigers and hope you enjoy your new seating!