The Washington Township Theater is nestled in a small part of downtown Centerville. Having been there in the early 1900s, the theater had become a staple within the community. However, as time passed, the need for renovation became more and more evident. Eventually, they approached Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) to assist them with installing new chairs and creating a nostalgic look for their facility. After receiving money through a local grant, the theater could fundraise the rest of the needed capital to move forward with its renovation project.

For four years, FEC helped the theater with different layout options, assisted with the seating arrangements, and provided a sample chair for them to get a good sense of what the final product could look like. Keeping with the historic feel of the facility, the theater opted for a high-end Quattro seat through Hussey Seating Company (HSC). In total, the new renovation included 208 new chairs for the theater in a Delft Blue fabric. To complement the historic nature of the theater, nostalgic end panels were provided with a large “W” logo in the middle. This is one of the first instances of FEC using the nostalgic end panel option for a theater or auditorium setting.

The theater was thrilled at the finished project. After years of looking for ways to move forward with new seating, the theater finally achieved its goal. The nostalgic end panels coupled with the darker-toned fabrics give the seating a different look that complements the historic nature of the facility. 

The full project gallery of the Washington Township Theater renovations is visible below.