University of Cincinnati | Nippert Stadium

Outdoor Stadium Seating


The summer of 2015 included a major facelift for the University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium. Hussey Seating Company and Farnham Equipment Company worked with a tight deadline to provide a complete Perma-Cap installation for the stadium, resulting in vivid Bearcat colors.

The project began with a review of the seating by Hussey Seating Company and Farnham Equipment Company. Installation included approximately 42,000 lft. of Perma-Cap that was installed on the existing aluminum plank seating. 35,500 number tags were installed throughout the stadium along with painting row numbers on the concrete steps.

Perma-Cap, made from durable, UV stabilized vinyl, are a great way to protect and extend your investment in your bleachers. The skid resistant, non-reflective, and splinter-proof bleacher covers are available in assorted colors and fit over your existing wood or aluminum bleachers. Perma-Cap acts withstands outdoor exposure and acts as an insulator that doesn’t draw heat from your body like aluminum does making it the ideal fan experience for chilly fall games keeping your fans entertained in comfort and style.

The skid resistant, non-reflective, UV resistant and splinter-proof outdoor vinyl bleacher covers fit over fit over 2×8″, 2×10″ and 2×12″ bleacher boards. Also available for indoor bleachers, the indoor vinyl bleacher covers are available in 16’, 18’ and 20’ lengths.

Game after game, season after season, year after year, Perma-Cap vinyl bleacher covers play strong defense against tough weather and exuberant fans, while seating your audience in comfort.

For a complete replacement, Perma-Plank is available. The sturdy galvanized steel plank covered with a durable layer of vinyl provides an extra-stable seating option that will withstand the elements without cracking or fading.

In addition to Perma-Cap and Perma-Plank, UC’s Nippert Stadium added 200 3400B Series Clarin Classic Folding Chairs with red vinyl and molded contour foam seats that included logos on both the seat and seat back.