Union Local Schools | Union Local High School Auditorium Replacement

Project Name: Union Local High School Auditorium Replacement
Owner: Union Local Schools
Scope: Provide and Install Auditorium Seating
Completion Date: July 2020

Union Local School District was looking to replace some of their seating in the high school auditorium. The district approached Farnham Equipment to assist with finding a solution. 

The school was able to purchase used auditorium seats from a school district 45 minutes away from Union Local. After concluding that Farnham Equipment was the solutions-provider, they requested our Service team to determine what dimensions would allow the new chairs to fit in the existing auditorium.

After extensive layout and design assistance, our team concluded they didn’t have enough seats for the auditorium. As a result, the final eight rows in the back required new Hussey seats. This project required extensive understanding of the previous layout of the facility to determine the number of seats required, as well as how to place the chairs given the slope of the auditorium. In addition, Farnham’s product knowledge allowed for a very cost-effective way for the district to upgrade its auditorium. 

Farnham Equipment Company’s ability to work with end-customers to provide design assistance and layouts is very valuable for ongoing service and maintenance requests. Further, it is something available to architects in current projects that need some expertise when it comes to auditorium seating and telescopic bleachers.

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