We recently noted a trend in our inspection reports that indicates a number of facilities do not utilize their Removable Front Row Aisle Steps. We’ve heard reasons that range from “we lost a step” to “the steps are heavy and a nuisance to take out and put back each time.” We have even heard that they are a trip hazard (they are not). The reality is, according to the International Building Code, if your bleachers were manufactured with removable first row aisle steps – code compliance dictates that you must use them.

These steps are designed to maintain varying height levels of steps to reduce trip/fall hazards because they were happening frequently (without the steps in place). If you have varying step heights on your unit and someone isn’t paying attention when they are walking up or down the steps, it is likely they could miscalculate their step and trip or fall. This trip and fall hazard increases your liability risk!

One facility was sued when a student was running down the steps and fell at the bottom. The reason? The front row step was missing. It was thought that the difference in height from the main steps to the floor caused her to fall. We’ve heard from several facilities that have had students or patrons take a fall due to missing front row steps that have resulted in broken bones.

THERE IS a solution to make it easier to utilize these steps. As a Hussey Regional Service Center, we can add a hinge to your steps that allow you to fold them down for each use rather than having to get them out of storage. Because we are a Regional Service Center, by having us provide this modification, it does not impact your warranty. We are also able to make this modification for manufacturers other than Hussey Seating Company. This doesn’t eliminate all the work, but it keeps your steps attached to your unit for convenient use and storage. You no longer have to worry about your steps going missing or someone taking a fall!

Stay Safe,
Rocky BakerService Manager


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