Revere High School

Project Name: Revere High School Owner: Revere Local Schools Architect: BSHM Architects CMR: ICON,LLC,  Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers, Auditorium Seating and Athletic Equipment Completion Date: August 2020 After completing the new Bath Elementary school a couple years prior, Revere Local Schools was looking to build a new High School. They partnered with BSHM Architects and ICON, LLC…

The Root Sports & Fitness Center

Project Name: The Root Sports & Fitness Center Owner: Robbie Pugh Scope of Work: Provide and Install Portable Bleachers and Athletic Equipment Completion Date: Fall 2020 Robbie Pugh had a strong vision of what principles would embody his new sports facility, The Root: patience, hard work and community. Nestled within the community of Gallipolis alongside the Ohio River, Robbie…

Switzerland of Ohio Local School District | Bleacher Replacements & Renovations

  Project Details: Beallsville High School Baseball & Softball Portable Bleachers Beallsville High School Football Bleachers Replacement River High School Football Bleachers Replacement River High School Indoor Bleacher Replacement & Upgrades Monroe Central High School Football Bleacher Replacement Completion: Fall 2019 Switzerland of Ohio Local School District High School Athletics got a major overall prior to the start of…

Do Your Homework: Our Heart is Out There

Submitted by Kami Wernimont, Marketing Manager

Watching my son climb up the bleacher steps remind me that at a young age we’re all a bit fearless. At his age, I would race to the top and see how high I could go. Now, knowing what I know, I do a quick scope out the whole bleacher unit, making sure its safe. After all, my heart is walking around up there.

Prior to my start at FEC in 2011, I looked at bleachers much differently. Now, I can drive by on the interstate and at a quick glance know if they meet some of the code requirements. Did you know the reason we pass out the 4-inch basketballs at every trade show? It’s because the gaps in the bleachers must prevent the passing of a 4-inch sphere, roughly the size of an infant’s head. Let that sink in. Our hearts, walking around up there, if the gap is just slightly bigger, they could fall through – and children have. This is one of the many reasons our team is so thorough when it comes to inspections. Our children are up there, playing, naive, and carefree – just as they should be.

Not long ago, someone did a comparison of our report versus another vendor for price and quality comparison. I was shocked to find out that the other vendor stated to them, “oh it’s okay, we can pass your bleachers” without so much as climbing to the top of them. The district already knew repairs were needed, they just needed a full evaluation of what was to be done.

Bleacher safety and code compliance can be a little overwhelming as you pull out the book of codes and references but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes, it’s just knowing where to look. We’ve made it a bit easier for you – below is an access link to our PDF Bleacher Safety: What’s Your Risk? It takes a village to raise our children, let’s work together to do our homework and keep them safe in all the ways we can.