Sponsors in the Stands: Telescopic Seating Customization Options

Portable Bleachers


We have had the question before, so this time we thought we could take it to the next level and give some ideas on how you can incorporate sponsor logos into your telescopic seating design without losing school spirit vibes because let’s face it, new telescopic seating is an investment and investments take money.

Here are a few of our favorite options:

Skirtboard Logos/CourtSigns: Here, you can sell ad space for more than one sponsor. They could either have just their logo, they could design their own ad within the spec space provided, or you could provide a template with a space for their logo. CourtSigns are at the base of your bleachers so they would stand out without sticking out.

Step Sign Logos: Every step is customizable with endless options for artwork. Depending on the overall number of tiers, you can incorporate numerous sponsor ads.









Safety End Closure Curtain:
This is perhaps your biggest canvas and sponsor option. Whether you have multiple sponsors here or one supporting sponsor. Artwork can be full bleed, which allows you to think outside the box. Maybe it’s not a sponsor paying but your Senior Class wants to donate a gift – have their team photo on the curtain with your school mascot for added team spirit and functionality of keeping unauthorized users from accessing the understructure. The canvas is yours and if you need design assistance, we’re here to help.








CourtSide Graphics: This is a much smaller scale graphic at the ends of your CourtSide Seats, displayed at each aisle way. It is typical for all of these to be the same, but options are available if you wanted to create sections “sponsored by.” Along with this, there is a space on each seat for a seat number that can be customized with artwork.