Facilities: Westland High School – Galloway, OH
Grove City High School – Grove City, OH
Architect: Schorr Architects, Inc. – Dublin, OH
Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company

Facility: Franklin Heights High School – Columbus, OH
Architect: SHP Leading Design – Columbus, OH
Contractor: Smoot Construction – Columbus, OH
Sub-Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company

2015 was a year of bleacher renovations for the South-Western City School District, starting with the Outdoor Bleacher Replacement at Grove City High School and following with Indoor Bleacher Replacements at Franklin Heights High School, Westland High School, and Grove City High School.

Grove City High School and Westland High School took a similar approach to their Hussey Seating Company Telescopic Bleacher Installation with three banks of Maxam26 bleachers. Both High Schools have two main floor wall attached bleacher units and a reverse-fold balcony bleacher. Grove City High School chose Hussey’s #187 Bright Red CourtSide Seats with the Signature Logo option on one unit in #289 Dark Blue while Westland High School chose Hussey’s CourtSide Seats in #627 Legend Green with a #000 White Signature Logo, both chose the #983 Black option for Rails. Both GCHS and WHS have a 9-5/8” rise and 22” Row Spacing with Flex Rows. Total net seating capacity is 1742 at Grove City High School and 1766 at Westland High School.

Franklin Heights High School (photos not shown) also chose Hussey Seating Company’s Maxam26 Telescopic Bleacher in two wall-to-wall units with a 11-5/8” rise and 24” row spacing. #983 Black CourtSide Seats fill the gymnasium, complete with Row and Seat Numbers and #983 Black Rails. Franklin Heights High School has a net seating capacity of 1187 with Flex Rows.

The three high schools also purchased 50 Clarin by Hussey Seating 3400B Series Classic Folding Chairs for team seating complete with Hanging Carts for storage.


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