When it comes to our Maintenance Solutions Team, Safety is Priority Number One for our school districts and facility owners and their patrons. We’ve developed our blog series, Bleacher Safety – What’s Your Risk along with numerous safety and code compliance blog posts, presentations, and white papers. Recently, we launched our Gym Safety Sessions where our Service Manager, Rocky Baker comes to your facility with the sole purpose of educating you on proper operation, preventative maintenance, code compliance all with your facility as the focal point and with safety as a number one priority.

We had our first session last month and while we do show up with an outline for discussion, the majority of the session is based on your questions. For instance, do you know how to properly operate your flex rows? Do you know why it’s important to secure your aisle rails? That loud bang when your bleachers closed, what is that and how do I fix it? Did you know you have a bypass switch and how to use it? What about the importance of a Safety End Closure Curtain? Are you properly cleaning under your bleachers? There are a lot of questions that come up, know we are a resource for YOU.

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