Olmsted Falls High School | Bleacher Replacement


We got an email on Wednesday March 8th.

Pat Kindelin called on the 9th to schedule an appointment.

Monday March 13, he met with Timothy Atkinson the Director of Business Affairs at Olmsted Falls, the Architects Representative, the Superintendent, the Athletic Director, High School Principal, and the Head of Maintenance to answer questions and determine what was needed and to discuss the benefits of NJPA pricing.

Tuesday, Pat sent the information into Jack Farnham of FEC who sent additional information to our contact at Hussey Seating Company for pricing.

On Thursday the 16th, Pat had pricing and virtual proofs of what their Extreme Logo, the Olmsted Falls Bulldog, would look like on their new bleachers.

Friday the 17th, Pat submitted everything to Tim Atkinson.

Monday, we had a Purchase Order with a notice to proceed.

Total days: 11

New Gym Experience: Priceless.

So, how does a district come to such a quick decision on revamping their gymnasium with new seating? Total net seats of 1499 to be exact.

Simple. They do their research.

We talked with Timothy Atkinson about his process for choosing Farnham Equipment Company and Hussey Seating Company and found out just how they did their due diligence prior to making a selection. The district passed a Bond Levy in November 2016 for renovations to be completed in 2018. The district wanted to show the community they were progressing with the renovations by starting in the gymnasium, so rather than wait until 2018, they had their new bleachers installed prior to the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Mr. Atkinson shared with us that they got the parents involved on their research. Knowing that a board office member and her son spent numerous hours in gymnasiums across the state for wrestling meets, Atkinson asked her to take note of what she did and didn’t like about the bleachers she was spending countless hours on along with the manufacturer information. She involved other parents in the process and shared the information with the decision makers. That, coupled with the benefits of NJPA pricing and quick response from FEC, helped them make their decision.

The district went with Maxam Telelescopic Bleachers in Hussey’s 289 Dark Blue for their CourtSide Seats and included the CourtSide logo of their Bulldog. The Bulldog is also represented on the Safety End Closure Curtains and the Media Platform’s vinyl cover. The Telescopic Bleachers includes Hussey’s signature Flex Rows and hinged floor to first row aisle steps for easy set up.

Farnham Equipment Company performed both the demolition of the original bleachers along with the installation of the new Telescopic Bleachers working around the districts calendar of events and repairs.

We’re sharing this sale story with you for multiple reasons. The first is that it demonstrates the power of research – not just a Google search, but really valuing the input of the people that sit in the stands. The second, “NJPA contracts represent thousands of competitively solicited equipment, products and related services. NJPA contracts save you and your agency considerable time and money while eliminating the need to duplicate the solicitation and contracting process.” And third, this sale demonstrates the power of teamwork, how we at FEC involve everyone on our team to execute and deliver your products just the way you asked for them. From Pre-Sales to the complementary inspection one year later by our Service Team, we are here for you – every step of the way.