Toledo Air National Guard | Maxam Certification


Project Name: Toledo Air National Guard Deployment and Fitness Center
Owner: Toledo Air National Guard
Project Architect: Buehrer Group
Construction Manager: Rudolph Libbe Group
Scope: Provide and Install Telescopic Bleachers and Plastic Laminate Casework
Completion: May 2020

What began as a run of the mill bleacher and casework installation at Toledo Air National Guard (TANG) turned into a much greater opportunity.

Farnham Equipment Company partnered with TANG to use the Deployment and Fitness Center as the location for a Maxam Certification Course through Hussey Seating Company. This included two banks of Maxam Bleachers along with a bit of Casework by Stevens Industries.

This certification included over forty hours of content. Within those forty hours included extensive product knowledge, how to read drawings and the installation of two banks of telescopic bleachers from beginning to end. Our installers then took a two-hour written test that covered everything they’d learned throughout the week.


Certified Installers are trained to install products as intended by the corresponding manufacturer or design team. Being a certified installer is more than just having authorization for installing products. Installers have gone step-by-step on how to properly install the products, and to not alter or change what the manufacturer has designed, giving them a thorough understanding of the entire telescopic bleacher system.

Prior to certification, our team is required to obtain a certain level of experience and product knowledge to be eligible for the class. Ongoing training each year on the products is required to maintain the certification.  Certifications also play a part in technician advancement within Farnham Equipment Company. Through Hussey’s training, our team is trained to install all products to specification.

2020 has been a roller coaster of a year. While we understand schools looking to cut costs, we see no reason to do this at the expense of quality installation and service maintenance. The training our team received by Hussey Seating Company gives credibility when you’re looking for quality and knowledgeable maintenance to your bleacher systems.