The Mason Aquatic Center recently completed construction to expand its facility with a new state-of-the-art competition pool. This project brought together Conger Construction and Champlin Architects to build a pre-engineered metal building with space for spectator seating.  Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) was awarded the contract to provide a unique and complex seating solution.

Farnham Equipment Company continues to help design custom solutions for its customers. For Mason Aquatic Center, the seating scope included three banks of Hussey Seating Company Maxam manual telescoping bleachers with courtside seats on the east side of the competition pool. These seating banks were designed as telescopic on the main pool deck to allow for recovery of space when closed and truncated with a front railing to separate spectators from the swimming competitors when set up for use.  These banks load from the top down to keep spectators away from the pool deck area and to keep swimmers off of the seating designed for spectators.  On the upper deck area, Hussey’s fixed seating fusion chairs with backs were installed for added spectator comfort.  These fixed VIP seats provide spectators a comfortable view of the pool from above regardless of whether or not the telescopic seating below is opened for use.

Due to the temperatures and conditions that are prevalent year-round in an aquatic environment, providing seating for an aquatic center presents major challenges.  Due to the high humidity and concentrations of the chemicals present, Hussey Seating Company provided a high-humidity finish to the understructure of the telescopic seating banks. For the fixed seating, corrosion-resistant cast aluminum standards were installed. 

For the swimming competitors, a Maxam1 portable unit was provided on the main pool deck.  Although designed as separate seating for swimmers with wet swimsuits, this portable unit can be tipped and moved around the facility for multiple seating uses. 

This project required multiple unique solutions to provide the City of Mason with their desired spectator seating capacity while taking into consideration the impact of pool conditions on the seating system.  Farnham Equipment Company used multiple applications of Hussey Seating Company’s products to provide a high-end solution that met the needs of the customer!

The full gallery from the Mason Aquatic Center competition pool can be seen below.