Project Name: Jackson Center Pk-8 School
Owner: Jackson Center School District
Architect: Freytag & Associates, Inc.
Construction Manager: Peterson Construction Company
Contractor: EZKin Company
Sub-Contractor: Farnham Equipment Company
Scope: Installation of Educational, Library, Music & Science Casework, Athletic Equipment, Telescopic Bleachers, and Library Furniture & Equipment.
Completion: August 2017

Farnham Equipment Company worked closely with EZKin Company on the Jackson Pk-8 School on the installation of Stevens Industries Educational, Library, Music and Science Casework, Performance Sports Systems Athletic Equipment, Hussey Seating Company Telescopic Bleachers, and Brodart Library Furniture.

Jackson Center was one of many finished projects in the fall of 2017 that included a major focus on less in-room casework modules and more multi-functional mobile units. Stevens Industries, Amanda Emmerich commented, “As we manufacture casework, millwork and furniture for schools across the country, we see increasing requests for multi-use pieces.  Education facility designers are creating flexible spaces in technology-enhanced buildings.  Classrooms are designed to easily convert to multi-purpose activity rooms, student dining and gathering spaces open up to presentation halls, and even galleries for budding artists.  As the needs of the space change, so too do the materials used.  White boards, heavy-duty casters, and adjustable storage become not just useful, but essential.  Furniture enhances the space, but does not define its use.”

Larry Ludlow of Freytag & Associates shared, “In the commons area, the tall cabinets allow teachers to divide the space into small group area. The tall mobile cabinets have marker boards on the backs for the teachers and student can write. The lower mobile cabinets have marker/writing surfaces on the top of the mobile cabinet. Students can gather around the mobile for another space to collaborate. The main school cafetorium stage doubles as a classroom and the mobile units in the classroom store music instruments used by students.  When a performance it to take place the mobile cabinets are moved and the stage is clear for the performance or event. In the Library Stevens provided a 17” high book shelf below the window.  A seat cushion was added to the top of the book shelving to allow the students to sit for a casual reading area in the library.”

An interesting “partially open” feature was added to the Hussey Seating Company telescoping stands in the gym to maximize the use of space.  This allows for the seating to be used in the partially open position for basketball and volleyball games.  The seating can then be fully opened for full school assemblies and performances, accommodating the full student body.

Jackson Center School District | Jackson Center Pk-8 School


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