VIP Seating is a prime commodity in the world of sports. For spectators, management, and players themselves, having a great support system to enjoy the experience of live sports is unparalleled. In late 2021, Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) was tasked with providing VIP Luxury Seating to a world-renowned facility in Canton, Ohio. Project Management Consultants, LLC was tasked with overseeing the project from start to finish.

FEC provided and installed 82 Olympic VIP Seats from Hussey Seating Company. These luxury chairs were provided with integrated cup-holders, an “aged-ash” wood finish on the armrests and down the legs, and a Navy fabric. Custom power outlets were also provided at each seat giving guests a premium experience to charge their devices while experiencing maximum luxury and comfort. Four ADA wheelchair accessibility spaces were created in the seating plan. These plush seats are a new entry from Hussey Seating, hailing all the way from Spain.

FEC was thrilled for the opportunity to be one of the initial installers of this incredibly custom product.

This project demonstrates the vast opportunities customers have at their disposal when it comes to spectator seating from FEC.  Hussey Seating Company has excelled at bringing high-quality seating options for any occasion, and FEC’s in-house installation technicians are certified and qualified to provide and install these products.

The full project gallery for the Canton Ohio VIP Seating project can be seen below.