Owner: Canal Winchester Schools
Architect: Schorr Architects
CMR: Ruscilli Construction
Scope: Provide and Install Educational Casework
Completion Date: Summer 2020

Canal Winchester High School sought for their school district in the summer of 2020. Partially funded through the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC), the high school received major upgrades. Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) was awarded the contract for providing and installing new fixed equipment throughout the building.

Stevens Educational Casework was provided by FEC in several classrooms, with the plastic-laminate countertops and Fusion Maple color complementing the darker school colors throughout the building. The relocation of an existing Science Lab was part of the project scope.  Existing wood casework and lab countertops were moved to a different renovated room and were complemented with new wood casework by Institutional Casework Inc. for adjacent science storage and preparation rooms. Farnham Equipment Company installed telescopic seating by Hussey Seating Company in a new auxiliary gym additionally.

This project highlights the services Farnham Equipment Company can offer to the K-12 market, even when there are budget limitations. Our extensive product knowledge and reputation of providing consistent and quality casework is what makes Farnham Equipment Company a reputable subcontractor for schools throughout Ohio.

The full project gallery for the high school renovations at Canal Winchester can be seen here.