Bleacher Safety – What’s Your Risk | Part 2.5 – Accessories

Bleacher Safety


When you’re inspecting your indoor bleachers or outdoor seating, you want to make sure you don’t forget the accessories. These include media platforms, press boxes, ADA ramps, and access steps just to name a few.

Press Box

For outdoor bleachers and grandstands, your Press Box is its own entity and actually needs to follow standard building codes for safety and compliance. You will want to make sure that your access steps have proper egress, all guardrails follow the 4-inch sphere rule, and that load requirements are met. You should also take a close look to make sure hardware isn’t missing, damaged, or rusted out. The same goes for ADA ramps and access steps. You want to make sure your railings meet load requirements and that your foot planks and riser boards aren’t damaged. Check out the end caps as well and make sure there aren’t any trip hazards.

Media Platform Waverly Field House

Moving inside, the most common accessory is the media platforms, scorer’s tables and top closure covers. Here, you also want to make sure proper guards are in place and that hardware isn’t loose, missing, or damaged.

Portable Bleachers


When discussing accessories, some may claim that portable bleachers are included in this group, when in fact, according to the definitions in the ICC 300-2012, “Bleachers. Tiered seating supported on a dedicated structural system and two or more rows high.” The same definition is used to define grandstands. The major different in outdoor portable bleachers compared to your home or visitors bleachers is that they aren’t anchored to the ground but that they have ground bucks, or mud sills, that will keep them level and prevent them from sinking into the ground while occupied. You will want to make sure these are sturdy, level and that hardware isn’t damaged, missing, or loose. Otherwise, your portable bleachers should get the same attention as your primary seating.

Portable Bleachers Findlay

Indoor portable bleachers should be examined similarly in that you want to check for damaged seats, decking, risers, and hardware. And don’t forget the rubber pads on the bottoms of the indoor portables, they not only keep the unit from moving when in use but they also help protect your floors.