Only a few arenas for high school basketball rival the Sullivan Center at Central Catholic High School in Toledo. With 4 areas for spectator seating, this gymnasium held up to 2,400 at any given event. Additionally, this arena served as a multi-purpose facility for school events, large religious festivities, and more. In 2022, the school approached Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) to help assist with the installation of new seating ahead of the 2023 season. After several discussions and a multitude of layouts, FEC delivered a great solution to revitalize this large arena for Central Catholic.

In total, this project included four separate banks of telescopic seating, each with 13 tiers of seating. Each bank included auto-rotating aisle rails and flex-row seating for ADA compliance. The school opted for a traditional red for the seats, to compliment the school colors and also installed custom railings to separate spectators from being able to enter the court where the teams sit. On the home side, FEC installed custom team seating with backrests for the players. In the end, this is one of the largest high school venues in Northwest Ohio that FEC has had the privilege to work with.

This project included tight deadlines, a complicated entry point for the installation involving multiple stairways, multiple iterations of reviews and layouts, but culminated in a fantastic-looking gymnasium. With over 2000 seats available in this gymnasium, FEC and the owners were thrilled with the final outcome. The solutions FEC provided with auto-rotating aisle rails, railings to differentiate spectators from player seating and team seating in the first row were what really allowed Central Catholic to be satisfied with the finished product. This project serves as a great example of the capabilities FEC can bring to any gymnasium project, no matter the complications.

The full project gallery for the Sullivan Center is visible below.