St. Peter & Paul School is a private school nestled in the small town of Ottawa, Ohio. While most were unaware of needed upgrades to their facility, school personnel certainly were. The school hired Technicon Design Group as the lead architect to begin the design of the needed additions. Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) won the opportunity to provide equipment for their gymnasium.

The new gymnasium at the St. Peter & Paul School is a great blend of modern and vintage design. Rather than ordering their telescoping bleachers with plastic seats, a common option for gymnasiums today, the school wanted a “classic” feel for their gym.  FEC provided and installed a new MAXAM 10-row manually operated bleacher from Hussey Seating Company. This bleacher was specified and furnished with Hussey’s Classic Woodseats to pay homage to the earliest gymnasiums that had wood seats for spectators. Although vintage in appearance, this seating was provided with all current safety features and first-tier flex-rows to accommodate ADA options for wheelchair patrons.

For the accompanying athletic equipment, FEC provided equipment from Performance Sports Systems (PSS). This equipment included basketball backstops, a roll-up gym divider curtain, and custom “Knights” logo wall pads.  Wireless operated scoreboards from Nevco were also provided and installed by FEC.

The opportunity FEC had with St. Peter & Paul School provides a showcase for its gymnasium capabilities. With high-quality products from Hussey Seating Company, Performance Sports Systems, and Nevco, FEC has positioned itself as a great provider for renovating, upgrading, or constructing a new gymnasium facility.

The full project gallery for St. Peter & Paul School is below.