Little Miami Schools (Morrow, OH) completed massive improvements to their district facilities.  Construction of a New Early Childhood Center and renovations and additions to their Junior High building were completed at the end of 2021. This was a collaborative effort with Skanska managing the construction of both buildings from start to finish. The Early Childhood Center was designed by Emersion Design LLC, and the renovations and additions to the Junior High were designed by Fanning Howey. Both of these opportunities allowed Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) to showcase high-end millwork and casework capabilities.

Stevens Industries’ line of Advantage educational casework is on full display in both buildings. The Early Childhood Center welcomes students with custom millwork at the receptionist desk in a Danish Maple laminate finish. More custom millwork can be seen in the discovery areas with blue, orange, green, and yellow-colored form walls with open “rings”. The casework throughout the building was designed with both teacher utilization and student learning in mind.

In the Junior High School, Fusion Maple is the primary casework finish for the new building addition. A custom reception desk with multiple complementary finishes greets students and the public to the administration area. The casework is expertly crafted to fit into different locations within the additional space, with excellent lighting in the building to show off the selected colors and finishes. 

While both of these projects were separate entities, the common factor was Stevens’ Advantage Educational Casework. The custom millwork and high-quality products were primary factors for FEC being awarded these projects. FEC’s installation team provided incredible expertise and accuracy to deliver complex casework designs for both buildings.

To see the project gallery for the Little Miami Early Childhood Center. See below.


To see the project gallery for the Little Miami Junior High additions, see below.