Looking to improve its sports facilities, Green Local Schools in Uniontown, OH purchased new outdoor bleachers for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. During the process, Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) received the awards to deliver and install the new bleachers to the school.

Working through National Recreation Systems (NRS), FEC installed a new 9-row by 33-feet wide aluminum bleacher. This elevated bleacher rose 30 inches above the ground and includes an ADA ramp for wheelchair patrons to have access to watch the games. In total, this new bleacher provides over 150 seats for spectators. 

This project encapsulates the benefits of working with FEC for outdoor seating projects. We assisted from start to finish on this project, providing layout and design assistance to installation during a busy summer delivery. The Green Local sports complex highlights another outdoor bleacher project for FEC to add to its gallery.

The full project gallery of the new outdoor bleachers at Green Local Schools is visible below.