The Cincinnati Ballet achieved a major overhaul to its organization with a brand new, three-story building. The Margaret + Michael Valentine Center for Dance was a collaboration between GBBN Architects and Messer Construction Co. to bring new life and more space to the ballet. Within the new building is the Rhonda + Larry A. Sheakley Premier Studio, which showcases work from Farnham Equipment Company (FEC).

FEC Installed a telescopic seating bank from Hussey Seatway, a division of Hussey Seating Company, in the premier studio. This retractable system features five rows of seating with comfortable “Discovery Benches” that offer both flexibility and comfort for spectators. This high-end bench seat is a great application for the theater venue.

The finished product is a great addition to FEC’s project portfolio. Getting the chance to work with a distinguished organization such as the Cincinnati Ballet and showcase our high-end seating capabilities made this project a great opportunity. In addition, this project highlights the wide reach that Hussey Seating has to offer its customers, spanning the globe with its reach in the seating industry. As a local partner with them, FEC enjoys showcasing an international product like the Discovery Bench seats.

The full scope of the Cincinnati Ballet Premier Studio is below.

Cincinnati Ballet 1 wm