Telescoping seating systems (bleachers), athletic equipment (backstops, curtains, etc) and grandstands are typically among the largest fixed equipment investments in a facility.  Quality equipment, if properly maintained, should last for the life cycle of the building.  Bleachers and athletic equipment are typically used by thousands of people each year and are commonly one of the focal points of the community.  Being such a large and publicly used system, bleachers and athletic equipment also represent a major source of regulatory and insurance liability.

The focus of our maintenance programs are safety, regulatory compliance, limitation of risk/liability & reduction in facility capitol costs through increased product life cycles.

Hussey Advantage

Repair, Parts, Inspections & Safety Services

We believe in our Products and we believe in Quality Service. Hussey Seating Company sets the standard for safety, viewing regular and detailed bleacher seating inspections and maintenance as much more than code compliance, but the cornerstone of customer care. Our Service Technicians have vast industry knowledge and are factory trained and certified through Hussey Seating Company on the installation and repair of telescopic seating systems.

As a HusseyAdvantage and Hussey Regional Service Center, we at FEC are dedicated to providing you top quality inspections, services, repairs, and installation. Whether it's parts or replacement seating, we're here for you.

Our team's combined industry knowledge gives you possibilities: Even if your seating wasn't installed by us, we can maintain it. Parts, repair, and inspections are available for all seating manufacturers.

PSS Orange Zone

Orange Zone Regional Service Center

Our partnership with Performance Sports Systems as an Orange Zone Regional Service Center provides you with the ultimate support by extending the life of your gym equipment and letting you enjoy the game without worry. Our Service Technicians are factory trained in installation, repair and maintenance to evaluate your equipment for safety and operational use.