Ohio Building Code [OBC 1028.1.1] International Code Council [ICC 300-2007] Chapter 5, 501.2 Inspection

105.2 Yearly Inspection Required. “The owner shall cause all bleachers, folding and telescopic seating, and grandstands to be inspected at least once a year in order to verify that the structure is maintained in compliance with the provisions of this standard. All folding and telescopic seating shall also be inspected to evaluate compliance with the manufacturer's installation and operational instructions, including an inspection during the opening and closing of such seating." ©ICC300 2007



All service work is performed by on staff, certified technicians who have been factory trained for installation, repair, service, welding, and more with a minimum of 4-5 years of field apprenticeship prior to becoming full technicians. Collectively, our team has well over 50 years of industry experience to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.

Once our Service Technician completes your inspection, we vow to have it back to you within one week. That's right, one week.

We will then follow up with you regarding the deficient items that we recommend correcting and see what solutions we can help you with to provide a quote suited specifically to your needs. Whether that is quoting all deficient item corrections, developing a phased budgeted quote, or quoting for parts - we will help you find the solution that's right for you!

Maintenance Solutions

Telescoping seating systems (bleachers), athletic equipment (backstops, curtains, etc) and grandstands are typically among the largest fixed equipment investments in a facility.  Quality equipment, if properly maintained, should last for the life cycle of the building.  Bleachers and athletic equipment are typically used by thousands of people each year and are commonly one of the focal points of the community.  Being such a large and publicly used system, bleachers and athletic equipment also represent a major source of regulatory and insurance liability.  

The focus of our maintenance programs are safety, regulatory compliance, limitation of risk/liability & reduction in facility capitol costs through increased product life cycles.

Farnham Equipment Company provides complete maintenance solutions throughout Ohio for the following: Basketball Backstops, Divider Curtains, Mat Hoists, Batting Cages, Wall Mats, Telescoping Bleachers, Telescoping Platform  and Chair Systems, Auditorium & Fixed Seating, Grandstands and More.  Farnham Equipment Company maintains all manufacturers’ products statewide, not just Hussey Seating Company.



Regional Service Center

Certified Inspections

  • All inspections are provided by on staff, manufacturer certified technicians experienced in the installation, maintenance, renovation & repair of the equipment which is being inspected.
  • 45-Point Telescoping Bleacher/Grandstand Seating Compliance and Operational Inspection
  • 72-Point Athletic Equipment/Backstop/Curtain Operational Inspection
  • All inspections have been developed in coordination with manufacturers to comply with installation and operational instructions as well as to comply with all applicable Ohio code requirements
  • Electronic archival of all reports/inspections/service for simple access & regulatory compliance

Preventative Maintenance

  • Collectively, Farnham Equipment Company’s service managers and technicians have well over 50 years of industry experience. We welcome all general inquires and questions from facility operators wishing to gain further insight into regulatory requirements, preventative maintenance, cost reduction, etc.
  • Annual 45-Point Telescoping Bleacher/Grandstand Seating Compliance and Operational Service
  • Annual 72-Point Athletic Equipment/Backstop/Curtain Operational Service
  • Annual service contracts & district wide service available
  • Lifecycle assessments, planning & operator training/instruction


  • All service work is performed by on staff, certified technicians who have been factory trained for installation, repair, service, welding, etc. All service employees have had a minimum of 4-5 years of field apprenticeship prior to becoming full technicians.
  • On staff technicians allow for responsive emergency service, when required
  • All work is quoted specifically for the facility
  • Access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts for most manufacturers
  • Electronic service management for quick & accurate dispatch and coordination
  • Online order/ticket submission


    • Limitless possibilities for safety, compliance, renovations, upgrades and facility revenue generation. Contact Farnham Equipment Company for ideas, suggestions, pricing, etc.
    • Rail safety compliance – Omni Rail
    • ADAAG compliance – ADA accessibility
    • Safety end closure curtains & top deck closure curtains (ball fenders)
    • Safety aisle rails – Seat level aisle & foot level aisle solutions
    • Power upgrades – Portable tractors, integral power operation, etc.
    • Seat replacement/upgrade – Plastic seats, backrests, wood boards, aluminum benches, folding platform chairs, etc.
    • Video platforms
    • Perma-Cap & Perma-Plank vinyl seat covers/replacement
    • Backstop operation – Electric winch, key switch, remote operation
    • Backstop automatic fall arresters (SafeStop)
    • Complete equipment operation – Wireless remote and/or touchpad operation
    • Revenue generation options including VIP seating, team seating, logos & community advertising, scorer’s tables, etc.
    • Engineered to Order (ETO) solutions for any existing facility