Project Name: Mount Gilead Visitor Bleacher Renovation
Owner: Mount Gilead School District
Scope: Renovation of Existing Visitors Bleacher
Completion Date: July 2020

Mount Gilead Schools had interest in upgrading the visitors’ side of their outdoor stadium for quite some time. Each year, they noticed an ongoing struggle to identity and replace boards which were faulty. With limited resources, they seemed stuck with the same problem. In 2018, Farnham Equipment Company approached them with a potential solution.

Dave Fahrenholz of Farnham Equipment Company  shared there was used aluminum from another project Mount Gilead could use to replace the old boards. Eventually, Mount Gilead decided to move forward and purchase enough aluminum to replace about ⅓ of the footboards. Fast forward two years and Mount Gilead was able to purchase the remaining aluminum needed to renovate the entire visitors bleacher. 

This project ended up saving Mount Gilead more than $55,000 by not replacing their existing bleacher. With 95% of this project being used aluminum, the bleacher became safer at a fraction of the cost.

Our team’s product knowledge and understanding of cost allowed us to position ourselves as an affordable solution for the district.

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