In 2021, Kettering College was searching for high-end seating with tablet arms on retractable platforms for a classroom auditorium wing renovation on their college campus. In conjunction with Ruetschle Architects and R.L. Fender Construction, Farnham Equipment Company (FEC) offered an excellent solution from Hussey Seatway.

The college desired high-end seating with tablet arms, power sources for USB, and charging ports for students during class. And, this seating needed to be compatible with telescopic platforms to allow space recovery in the auditorium.

FEC installed Hussey Seatway Telescopic Platforms with Ascender Space Max Seating for this facility. The Ascender seats fold into the closed position when not being occupied and feature a comfortable back pad for lasting comfort throughout classroom sessions. The backs were provided with a Melange fabric, and the seats were provided in a Stone leather material. These neutral tones complement the oak armrests and folding tablet arms. The seat numbers were sewn into the seats adding an additional element of professionalism to the venue. In total, 224 seats were provided for this auditorium at Kettering College.

As a foremost Hussey Seating dealer, FEC has utilized high-end seating solutions in the college market over the past few years. With Kettering College, the desire for a quality seat for their students allowed Ascender to stand out. Our team provided sample chairs for the college to review, design assistance throughout the process, and completed turn-key installation with our in-house technicians. The finished product is a remarkably professional installation for students and staff.

The full project gallery for the Ascender Seating at Kettering College is visible below.